Ron English has co-opted the metaverse. The New York contemporary artist and prolific culture-jammer has designed a collection of NFT’s that distill some of his greatest artistic ideas of the last 40 years of his career into the universal symbol for the idea - the light bulb. Welcome to the light-cult, 10,008 ideas from the brain of Ron himself.

8,792 unique NFTs

146 unique attributes

1008 hand-drawn 1/1 rare artworks

Deflationary supply as NFTs can be burned

Monthly burn for Physical Goods, Future Drop, & Exclusive Access

The Collection is SOLD OUT!

VERIFIED SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xbe85fbd182af91290be7293438ae67549638189f


Ron English is widely considered a seminal figure in the advancement of street art away from traditional wild-style lettering into clever statement and masterful trompe l’oeil based art. He has created illegal murals and billboards that blend stunning visuals with biting political, consumerist and surrealist statements, hijacking public space worldwide for the sake of art since the 1980s.

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Group Shows - 2021

The Last Word, Ethan Cohen Gallery

The Locals, 9 Strokes Gallery

Summer in Tribeca, Black Wall Street Gallery


Scatter Sale, Signari Gallery

Echoes, KP Projects

Vault Sale, Signari Gallery

Spring Show, BPO Premier Test

Abracadabra Selection, Dorothy Circus Gallery

Project 270, Mana Contemporary

Solo Shows

2021 - Ron English: Brand Royalty, Allouche Gallery

2020 - POPaganda on Paper, Pop International Galleries

2018 - Ron English: Universal Grin, Galerie Matthew Namour



We’re building the future, one step at a time.

Minting starts in November 2021.

Limited-edition merchandise designed by Ron will be released and available exclusively to Bulbheads.

250 Bulb holders will be selected at random to receive a physical limited edition art print signed by Ron.

25 Bulb holders will be chosen to receive a handmade resin sculpture.

1 Bulb holder will be chosen to receive an original oil painting by Ron English.

Option to burn an NFT for a physical print or rare NFT. There will be 12 burns in 2022 where you can choose to burn any one of your Bubs for a signed limited-edition print by Ron English.

Invitation to our exclusive exhibition for Bulb holders in NYC in 2022.

Exclusive airdrops, merch, giveaways, in-person events, and more will be available to Bulbheads on an ongoing basis.


Every character, trait, and Idea in the Light Cult metaverse was conceived, hand-drawn, and digitized solely by Ron English. Most Bulb NFTs are Uncommons; 1 in 10 are Rares.

Uncommons are 100% unique with randomly generated assets. No two are alike, but some traits are rarer than others. There are 2.7 million possible combinations of traits but only 9,000 Uncommons exist.

Rares are handmade masterpieces born from the brain of Ron English. Every Rare is a one-of-a-kind NFT with absurd qualities reflecting those of the Inner Circle.

“My best attribute is that I'm an endless source of ideas. What’s the biggest problem with being me, psychologically? I wake up with 10,000 new ideas every morning, and there’s absolutely no way the world can absorb 10,000 ideas by Ron English. Until now.”

-Ron English



Ron English coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, populated with his vast and constantly growing arsenal of original characters, including MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the hit movie "Supersize Me," and Abraham Obama, the fusion of America’s 16th and 44th Presidents, an image widely discussed in the media as directly impacting the 2008 election.


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